What Is The Advantage Of Solid-State Lithium Batteries?

1. The disadvantage of vehicle lithium batteries

In the current mainstream vehicle lithium batteries, the electrolyte still needs to move the ions between the positive and negative electrodes during the charging and discharging process of the battery, thereby forming the entire circuit loop to generate current. For vehicle-mounted lithium batteries, repeated charging and discharging will cause lithium dendrites to grow on the surface of the metal lithium negative electrode during the repeated deposition and precipitation of lithium ions, and pulverize. This phenomenon will reduce the battery energy storage and shorten the battery life; in severe cases, it will penetrate the diaphragm between the batteries, causing leakage and short circuit, causing the vehicle to spontaneously ignite. Not only that, in the face of a low temperature environment, the electrolyte in the battery will become viscous, and the lithium ion migration rate will slow down, resulting in a decrease in battery activity, which is also an important reason for the significant reduction in the mileage and charging efficiency of most electric vehicles in winter.

2. The advantage of solid-state lithium batteries

In contrast, solid-state lithium batteries use solid materials as the electrolyte for ion movement. Since there is no liquid in the battery, the complex packaging system of traditional liquid lithium batteries is not required. In addition, due to its more stable nature, there is no need to configure temperature control components in solid-state lithium batteries. This means that for a set of liquid and solid-state lithium batteries of the same weight, the energy density of solid-state lithium batteries is greatly improved.

In fact, the advantages of solid-state lithium batteries go far beyond higher energy density. The more stable physical properties of solid electrolytes mean that such batteries will not have a sudden drop in capacity due to changes in the external environment, and their service life will be longer than that of liquid lithium batteries. many.

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