24V Lithium-ion Forklift Battery

Smart FLT Series: Forklift Lithium Battery 25.6V206Ah

  • Remote&Onsite Product Support

  • GPS&GPRS function

  • Charger communication commissioning

  • Charge and discharge connector adaption

  • Interactive integrated Display with voice, buzz and switch button

  • Customization service against different brand of forklifts

  • IP 54 structure design

  • Flexible supply in additional weight

  • Vehicle CAN communication support

24v forklift battery
24v forklift battery
24v forklift battery
24v forklift battery
24v forklift battery
24v forklift battery

24V Forklift Battery Technical Datas



1Nominal voltage(V)25.6
2Operating voltage(V)min20
4Group mode206Ah1P8S
5Nominal energy(KWh)5.2725±2
6Weight(Kg)80kgnot additional weight
7Nominal capacity(Ah)20625±2
8Maximum continuous charge current(A)10025±2
9Maximum continuous discharge current(A)16025±2
10Maximum  pulse discharge current(≤5s)(A)30025±2
11Shipping consistency(mv)30Voltage difference between cell <30mV
12Charging portREMA160A(female)customizable
13Discharging portREMA160A(female)customizable
14GPRS communication4Goptional
15SOC operating range(%)20~100
16Insulation requirements(MΩ)≥20500V DC,High voltage output to battery  shell, at the normal temperature and humidity
17cooling methodNatural cooling
18Shipping capacity≈30%SOC is consistency in the same batch
19Dimension L (mm)550For Crown WP3035-45
Outer box dimension can be costomizable according to the brand and model of forklifts
Dimension W (mm)195
Dimension H (mm)520

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