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As a professional lithium ion battery manufacturer in China, LITHIUM STORAGE designs, manufactures and sells advanced lithium-ion power Battery Solutions for Electrical mobilities and Energy Storage equipment. Our product range includes LFP&NCM prismatic lithium-ion battery cells, standard and custom modules, and battery systems with battery management systems (BMS) and control units, especially for forklifts, buses, trucks, UPS, and home storage fields. 24V, 48V, and 80V forklift batteries transit traditional lead-acid to more environmentally friendly alternatives in the material handling industry. The innovative and professional R&D and operation team with more than 10 years of projects and industrial experience gives LITHIUM STORAGE competitive advantages in quality stability, rapid response, and professional solutions.
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The global economy is experiencing a transition from carbon-intensive energy resources to low-carbon energy resources. Lithium-ion batteries are the most favourable electrochemical energy storage system for electric vehicles and energy storage systems due to their high energy density, excellent self-discharging rate, high operation voltage, long cycle life, and no memory effect. Electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries have a comparative advantage in carbon emission over internal combustion engine vehicles, as well as energy storage systems with custom lithium-ion batteries, which is an essential priority in integrating renewable energy in the power supply. Charging EVs with electricity generated from renewable energy makes electric vehicles greener.
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As a leading lithium-ion battery China manufacturer, LITHIUM STORAGE designs, manufactures and sells advanced lithium-ion Battery solutions for electrical mobilities and energy storage equipments. Our lithium-ion battery factory is located in Wenzhou city of China, our technical team is set in Nanjing city of China, and we also have an international branch in the Dundee of United Kingdom. The current production capacity of our li-ion battery factory is 6GWh and 20Gwh is in construction, and there are approximately 1600 employees, including 580 R&D engineers. Our lithium-ion battery factory has successively passed the authoritative quality management system certification such as ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, and ISO45001, and our products have also received international certifications such as MSDS, UN38.3, UL, IEC62619, JET, and BIS. LITHIUM STORAGE focuses on delivering lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery module, and lithium-based battery systems with BMS and control units for both electric mobility and energy storage system application, including standard products and customized products. Most of our patents, battery technology, and power integrations are based on LFP/NCM chemistry prismatic of Lithium Ion Batteries.

LITHIUM STORAGE is led by an innovative and professional R&D and operation team with abundant projects and industrial experience in the lithium battery field. All these advantages make LITHIUM STORAGE to be a leading custom lithium battery manufacturer. Our vision is to commit to developing a series of intelligent lithium battery products to support the energy transition to a low-carbon economy and address the real-world climate crisis.

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Lithium Storage Popular Cases
Lithium Storage Powers Go-Karts Electrification Transition in Uk with Li-Ion Based Technology
Nov. 17,2023
Karting, or called go-kart, a motorsport that traces its roots back to the 1950s, has captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts for decades. Racing towards sustainability, the adoption of electric kar...
Lithium Storage Delivers Battery Modules to Camping Vehicles in Germany
Aug. 30,2022
There are special custom demand with sampling connector, heating film connector and NTC model selection.
Our Deep Cycle of LFP280Ah Got a Preference in Solar Energy Storage of USA
Aug. 19,2022
Lithium Storage and our local distributor have strategic cooperation in local stock.
Lithium Storage Liquid Cooling Battery System for Hungary Garbage Truck Vehicles
Aug. 09,2022
Lithium Storage has provided the most advanced lithium battery system with liquid cooling function to Hungary Garbage Truck vehicle manufacturers.
Lithium Storage Participates the Electrification of Europe Commercial Fleet
Jun. 20,2022
Lithium Storage has been dedicated to putting lots of resources and research to increase our battery technology for electric trucks territory.
VDA Modules From Lithium Storage for UK Electric Classics Cars
Jun. 16,2022
As a professional lithium battery solution supplier, Lithium Storage is supplying standard VDA size modules.
Lithium Storage Provides Lithium Phosphate Battery for Electricity Conversion of Toyota Forklifts
Jun. 09,2022
Since the end of 2018, Lithium Storage started to provide Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery-LFP205Ah and LFP280Ah for electricity conversion of Toyota forklifts.
Lithium Storage Technologies
Lithium Storage Transition Your Energy to Sustainable Lithium ion Batteries
Latest News & Blog in Lithium Storage
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​The Ultimate Guide to Forklift Batteries
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May 07 2024
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