Lithium Storage Participates the Electrification of Europe Commercial Fleet

Fleet vehicles are either owned by the business that operates them or leased from a third-party provider. Commercial fleet operators are now rapidly focusing on transitioning to a clean future through electrification of their vehicles, thanks to increasingly favorable economics that are affected by better technology, the lower total cost of ownership and improved charging network density, government incentives etcetera.

As a leading lithium-ion battery China manufacturer, Lithium Storage has been dedicated to putting lots of resources and research into increasing our battery technology for electric trucks territory. We have been successfully working together with our European Electric Truck Partners to develop higher-range Commercial vehicles. Lithium Storage's strategic partner selects our 355 VDA modules for integration of battery system of electric propulsion and we have delivered more than 10000modules for Commercialfleet projects in Germany, the UK and Lithuania etcetera.

vda modules

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