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An electric truck is an electric vehicle powered by batteries designed to transport cargo, carry specialized payloads, or perform other utilitarian work. Electric trucks deliver between cities or in busy urban environments, including various types of trucks for different propose, such as UPS, pickup trucks, garbage trucks and tractor trucks etcetera.It is environment friendly, reducing  noise pollution and carbon emission of city center to internal combustion vehicles.

Lithium Storage specializes in both new and retrofit conversion projects for trucks. We manufacture passive and active cooling battery modules and pack solutions, as well as Offer standard pack sizes and design services for customized products. Considering the cost efficiency and availability of certification of the standard battery pack, generally, we recommend our customers to select our Flexi pack as a basic custom lithium battery pack to design the entire system.

lithium batteries in truck

Lithium Storage emerges as a leading player in the industry as a distinguished China lithium battery manufacturer, offering a comprehensive lineup that includes the robust 36V forklift battery and the versatile 24V forklift battery for sale. Let's explore the exceptional benefits that set Lithium Storage apart in the world of material handling.

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