LFP Module

The structure of LFP modules mainly has a banding structure. Due to the high flexibility of banding modules, the quantity in series and parallel of lithium battery cells can be determined according to the demand of customers. Generally, Lithium Storage offers the following LFP battery modules:

  • Flexibility in series and parallel 50~302Ah lithium battery cells, 1P8S or 1P4S LFP modules are common types.

  • Heating pad is optional

  • Connector type and definition can be customized

LFP Battery Module Lists

LFP Battery Module or Cell with Nut/Screw Terminals-Pack?

For improving production efficiency, the positive and negative terminals of lithium-ion batteries have been upgraded from screw-hole terminals to flat welding terminals. The new generation lithium batteries require welding equipment for battery connections. Sorting out the demand from the international market, many international customers still prefer to choose cells that screws or bolts can connect than flat welding terminals. The following points are pointed out by customers:

The total pack or module needs to be replaced once one cell of the battery pack fails in the operation. As well as, there is a dimension limit on module size for different application cases from the local market, and there is low feasibility of using the same module to meet all pack requirements. Therefore, customers prefer cells with nut/screw terminals for the flexibility of pack installation.

However, as a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer in China, Lithium Storage recommends customers select LFP battery modules instead of cells with nut/screw terminals because of their high structural stability and welding reliability.

LFP Banding Module Structure

LFP Banding Module Structure

The LFP battery module has high flexibility in production due to its structural characteristic.

  • lithium battery cells are connected by an aluminum busbar via laser welding.

  • Banding belt structure, the upper part is a steel belt and the lower part is a plastic belt.

  • M4 hole on the aluminum busbar is applied to fix sampling wiring.

  • Bolt connection for the positive and negative output of modules

  • Standardized mold plastic end plate design

LFP Battery Module Certifications

Cell typeQuality Management SystemProducts Certification
ISO-9001IATF16949ISO-14001ISO-45001GB/T 31485-2015GB/T 31486-2015GB/T 31484-2015GB/T 36276-2018GB 38031-2020GB/T 31467.3-2015IEC62619UL1642UL9540UL1973CE-Battery Directive /RoHSMSDSUN38.3BISJET
LFP280Ah long cycle/////////

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