NCM Module

There are two options for the NCM module, NCM102Ah-1P6S or NMC177Ah 1P4S. Both modules conform to the German Association of Automotive Industry Standard (Ver band der Automobilindustrie). VDA modules provide multiple cell configuration options with on-demand flexibility for minimal design development. Lithium Storage's VDA modules are widely used in electric vehicles because of their super quality and stable mass production.

  • Electric passenger cars

  • Electric bus and trucks

  • Light electric vehicles

NCM Module Lists

NCM Module Certifications

Cell typeQuality Management SystemProducts Certification
ISO-9001IATF16949ISO-14001ISO-45001GB/T 31485-2015GB/T 31486-2015GB/T 31484-2015GB/T 36276-2018GB 38031-2020GB/T 31467.3-2015IEC62619UL1642UL9540UL1973CE-Battery Directive /RoHSMSDSUN38.3BISJET

What is the structure of the VDA module?

What is the structure of the VDA module?
What is the structure of the VDA module?
What is the structure of the VDA module?
What is the structure of the VDA module?
What is the structure of the VDA module?
End Plate
  • Aluminum alloy frame, extruded aluminum profiles for increased strength.

  • Laser welding, welding strength up to 200N/mm

  • Strength can meet the expansion force of core EOL25000N

High Voltage Protection
  • Nut torque meets 12N·M&6 times: no cracking, no damage, high strength.

  • Color guard to do positive and negative polarity distinction

  • Insulation protection

Silicone Insulation Pad
  • Meet the requirements of the Chinese National Standard about a thermal runaway.

  • Meet module level test of thermal runaway, single cell terminal runaway, adjacent cells, not terminal runaway

  • Safety performance improved

Side Plate
  • Aluminum one-time stamping molding

  • The hot pressing film has bonding strength up to 8Mpa.

  • Insulation meets DC500V, 500MΩ and voltage meets DC2700V, the 60S, leakage current < 1mA

Harness Insolation Plate
  • FPC collection, high integration degree, accurate collection

  • Busbar laser welding, tension up to 3000N

  • FPC adopts nickel sheet welding, which is different from aluminum wire welding and has higher strength

  • FPC adopts hot riveting to improve long cycle safety

  • Busbar passes the long-period swing test

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