NCM102Ah 1P6S VDA Module

  • 355 VDA frame welding lithium battery module.

  • High-quality standard of production and performance meeting supply requirements of passenger vehicles.

  • Uninterrupted supply is guaranteed by stable mass production.

  • Continuously improved energy density through nickle proportion promoting and light weighting technology.

  • Suitable for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles etcetera.

vda 355 battery module
vda 355 battery module
vda 355 battery module
vda 355 module
vda 355 battery module
vda 355 battery module
vda 355 battery module
vda 355 module

Technical Data of NCM102Ah 1P6S VDA 355 Battery Module

1Nominal voltage(V)22.2
4Nominal capacity(Ah)10225±2℃,1/3C
5Nominal energy(KWh )2.264425±2℃,1/3C
6Available energy(KWh )≥2.219
7Group mode1P6S
8End-of-life residual capacity (Ah)81.6Residual capacity≥80% initial capacity,@25℃
9Module weight(kg)11.2±0.3
10Maximum continuous charge current(A)120
11Maximum short pulse charge current(≤10s)204
12Maximum continuous discharge current(A)150
13Maximum short pulse discharge current(≤10s)(A)306
14SOC operating range(%)10~90
15Insulation requirements(MΩ)≥20500V DC, High voltage output to the battery module
shell, at the normal temperature and humidity
16Module cooling methodNatural cooling
17Module heating methodNo
18Shipping capacity (SOC)30%~70%SOC is consistency in the same batch
19Shipping consistency(mv)<20The voltage difference between the cell of module<20mV
Coulomb efficiency≥95%
Module self-discharge≤3%25±2℃,50%SOC
20Dimension L (mm)355
21Dimension W(mm)151.5
22Dimension H(mm)108.5

NCM102Ah 1P6S VDA 355 Battery Module Advantages

The NCM102Ah 1P6S VDA Module offers several advantages for various lithium battery solutions:

High Energy Density: The VDA module utilizes NCM (Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese) chemistry, providing a high energy density. This means it can store a significant amount of energy in a compact form, making it ideal for applications where space is limited.

Enhanced Performance: With a capacity of 102Ah, the VDA module offers ample power for demanding applications. Whether it's the lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, or other high-power devices, the NCM102Ah 1P6S VDA Module delivers reliable and efficient performance.

Long Cycle Life: The VDA 355 module is designed to have a long cycle life, ensuring its durability and reliability over extended periods of use. This makes it suitable for applications that require frequent charge and discharge cycles, such as electric vehicles or renewable energy systems.

Safety Features: The VDA module incorporates advanced safety features to protect against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. These safety mechanisms help prevent potential hazards and ensure the safe operation of the module.

Easy Integration: The NCM102Ah 1P6S VDA Module is designed for easy integration into various systems. Its compact size and modular nature allow for flexible installation and scalability, making it convenient for lithium-ion battery factories and system integrators.

Environmental Friendliness: As an NCM module, it offers a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. With reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency, it contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Experience the advantages of the NCM102Ah 1P6S VDA Module and unlock the potential for efficient energy storage in your applications.

VDA 355 Battery Module Key Features

Lithium Battery Technology: The VDA 355 module utilizes lithium battery technology, known for its high energy density, long cycle life, and fast charging capabilities.

High-Quality Production: The VDA 355 module is manufactured to meet a high standard of production, ensuring reliable performance and adherence to industry quality requirements.

Stable Mass Production: The VDA 355 module benefits from stable mass production, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted supply to meet the demands of vehicle manufacturers.

Improved Energy Density: The VDA 355 module incorporates advancements in energy density, achieved through techniques such as nickel proportion promotion and lightweight technology. This results in increased energy storage capacity and potentially improved vehicle range.

Suitable for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles: The VDA 355 module is designed to be compatible with a range of vehicle types, including both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. This versatility allows for its application in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

Performance and Reliability: The VDA 355 module is engineered to deliver reliable performance, providing the necessary power and longevity required for vehicle operation.

Safety Features: The VDA 355 module may include built-in safety features such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and temperature monitoring to ensure safe operation and prevent damage to the battery.

Integration with Vehicle Systems: The VDA 355 module is designed for seamless integration with vehicle electrical systems, allowing for efficient and optimized performance within the vehicle's overall power management system.

Vda 355 Battery Module Application

Electric Vehicles (EVs): VDA battery modules are designed to be used in fully electric vehicles, where they provide the primary power source for the vehicle's electric motor. These modules are responsible for storing and delivering the energy required for the vehicle's propulsion.

Hybrid Vehicles: VDA battery modules can also be used in hybrid vehicles, which combine both internal combustion engines and electric propulsion. In hybrid vehicles, the battery modules contribute to electric driving modes, regenerative braking, and overall fuel efficiency.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs): Battery electric vehicles are entirely powered by electricity from their battery packs. VDA battery modules play a critical role in enabling BEVs to travel longer distances and provide adequate power for acceleration and operation.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs): Plug-in hybrid vehicles have larger battery packs compared to regular hybrids. VDA battery modules in PHEVs allow for extended all-electric driving ranges and increased energy storage capacity.

Energy Storage and Grid Services: Beyond vehicles, VDA battery modules can be repurposed for energy storage solutions and grid services. Used EV batteries that are no longer suitable for vehicles can be repurposed for stationary energy storage to balance energy supply and demand on the electrical grid.

Renewable Energy Integration: Lithium battery modules can also be used to store energy generated from renewable sources like solar and wind. This stored energy can be used during periods of low renewable energy production or high demand.

Industrial and Commercial Vehicles: VDA battery modules can find applications in various industrial and commercial vehicles, such as buses, delivery trucks, and utility vehicles, to reduce emissions and operational costs.

R&D and Innovation: As battery technology continues to evolve, VDA battery modules may be used for research and development purposes to explore ways to improve energy density, charging speeds, and overall battery performance.

VDA battery modules need to meet safety, quality, and performance standards set by the automotive industry to ensure the reliability and safety of electric and hybrid vehicles. These VAD battery module standards include factors like energy density, temperature management, thermal stability, cycle life, and more.

NCM102Ah 1P6S VDA Module Dimensions


VDA Battery Module Standard

VDA Battery Module Standard
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