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Home energy storage products have standalized, mainly including rack-mounted 48V50Ah and 48V100Ah Household Energy Storage System, and wall-mounted 48V50Ah Household Energy Storage System, which can be used to provide safe, reliable, and stable energy for various equipment. Notably, advancements by a lithium battery manufacturer in China and the availability of custom lithium battery packs are playing a crucial role in this industry's development. At the same time, the module supports the expansion on both capacity and power by multiple parallel uses. It supports CAN, RS485, RS232 communication, and can meet the requirements of various PV inverter communication protocols, such as SMA, Victron Energy, GOODWE, Growatt, Solis, Sol-Ark, SOFAR SOLAR, Sermatec and Sunsynk. In addition, we also can offer communication debugging to match the appointed inverter brands and support OEM services.

lithium batteries in home energy storage

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