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Custom Lithium Ion Battery Module

Lithium Storage supports the custom solution of lithium ion battery module according to the project's need, customization range including connectors, healing films, battery series and parallel combination, end plates and wrings etcetera. As well as Lithium Storage also offers series-parallel connection adjustments based on standard modules. Such as LFP50Ah 1P12S to LFP50Ah 2P6S or 3P4S.

Custom Forklift Lithium Battery

Forklifts come in all shapes and sizes. The custom-made lithium batteries for forklifts differ in their recommended battery weight requirements, the size of the battery compartment, the types of charge and discharge connectors, and the battery charging system. Therefore, unlike standard models, there are make-to-order for the equipment. Lithium Storage provides forklifts lithium battery customization to adapt to different brands and models' demands in shape and weight. Customizable forklift brands include not limited to Toyota, Crown, HYUNDAI, HELI, LINDE, Yale, MITSUBISHI, NICHIYU and Jungheinrich etcetera.

Prototype Design of Custom Lithium Ion Battery Packs for Electric Vehicles

Excepting Flexi series of battery packs products, Lithium Storage also provides prototype designs of custom-made lithium-ion battery packs depending on application demand from IP grade, communication protocol, size of the battery pack, system voltage&capacity, control unit or PDU, and thermal management modes such as natural cooling, electrical heating, and liquid cooling. 

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