Lithium Storage Liquid Cooling Battery System for Hungary Garbage Truck Vehicles

The garbage truck is a kind of truck to collects and transports solid waste, recyclables, and organics to processing and disposal facilities. Aiming at eco-sustainability and at reducing air and noise pollution, we have already begun to see a significant move to electric-powered waste collection vehicles, which is being driven by government policies and large fleet owners.

As one of the custom lithium-ion battery manufacturers Lithium Storage has provided the most advanced truck lithium battery with a liquid cooling function to Hungary Garbage Truck vehicle manufacturers. To ensure that the equipment can be used normally within the temperature variation range of - 30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃. The liquid cooling system of the battery system not only cools the battery in summer, but also heats the battery in winter, and the heating efficiency is more than 5 times higher than the previous electric heating plate.

Lithium battery system configuration of Garbage Truck: 192.66KWh 691.2V280Ah, which is composed of 6pcs LiFePO4 280Ah 1P36S standard battery packs and 1pc high voltage box.

battery pack

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