Lithium Storage powers go-karts electrification transition in UK with Li-ion based technology

Karting, or called go-kart, a motorsport that traces its roots back to the 1950s, has captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts for decades. Racing towards sustainability, the adoption of electric karting is gaining momentum with advanced lithium-ion technology. The development of high-performance electric karts is taking place and races are already being held with electric go-karts.

Compared with traditional gas-powered karts, the electric karts with lithium-ion battery powered offer numerous advantages, including reduced environmental impact, quieter operation, and instant torque for thrilling acceleration. This makes lithium-ion based battery more popular for the go-karts development.


Lithium Storage has been at the forefront of this trend, designing and supplying NCM Battery with 52V110Ah energy capacity for the electric retrofitting from internal combustion engines to a leading name go-kart club in UK since early 2021. The on board 52V Lithium batteries are ideal for option – compact, light and having a lot of power packed into a small space. 


The battery packs with NCM chemistry for electric go-karts provided by Lithium Storage have the highest energy density with current lithium-ion battery technology. This makes them an ideal choice for building a electric-powered karting under limited space. Lithium Storage's commitment to research and development has enabled us to deliver high-performed battery solutions to meet unique demands in the electric go-karts market.


Overall, the electrification of kart racing is a key transition trend towards tomorrow. Lithium Storage, as a leading lithium-ion battery provider, continues to play a significant role in this greener transition. As lithium-ion battery technology continues to advance, the future of karting will witness an increasing number of electric karts on tracks all over the world, racing toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable development.



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