The Eve of Mass Production of Lithium Iron Manganese Phosphate Batteries

The mass production process of lithium iron manganese phosphate batteries has once again attracted the attention of the industry.

Recently, Musk said that Tesla has been exploring the use of more manganese materials in batteries and now sees the chemical potential of manganese-based cathode batteries.

1. Increase energy density by 15-20%

Higher energy density is the core advantage of lithium iron manganese phosphate compared to lithium iron phosphate.

It is reported that the theoretical capacity of lithium iron manganese phosphate is the same as that of lithium iron phosphate, which is 170mAh/g, but it has a higher voltage platform, which can reach about 4.1V, which is much higher than 3.4V of lithium iron phosphate, so it has potential high energy Density advantage. When the actual capacity of lithium iron manganese phosphate reaches the same level as that of lithium iron phosphate, its energy density is 15-20% higher than that of lithium iron phosphate, and the upper limit of cruising range is further broken.

At the same time, lithium iron manganese phosphate has the same advantages as low cost, high safety performance, high thermal stability, no spontaneous combustion during acupuncture and overcharge, long life, safety and no risk of explosion.

In addition, in addition to upgrading on the basis of lithium iron phosphate, the safety performance, low temperature performance and cost of the ternary material can be improved by coating the ternary material with lithium manganese iron phosphate.

2. The eve of large-scale industrialization

Industrial chain companies have all begun to get involved in lithium iron manganese phosphate, and the outbreak of industrialization is just on the eve. At present, due to the short battery certification cycle in small electric fields such as two-wheeled electric vehicles, lithium iron manganese phosphate technology has been promoted rapidly and has gradually increased.

In terms of power battery companies, the battery manufacturers with lithium iron manganese phosphate technical reserves currently include: CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, etc., mainly focusing on patented technology research and development and investment layout.

In December 2021, CATL invested 413 million yuan in Jiangsu Litai Lithium Energy. It is reported that the company's main product is the lithium iron manganese phosphate material. In addition, Ningde Times also pointed out in February this year that the company plans to launch a new product M3P, a ternary product called phosphate system. The product contains manganese and other metal elements, and the cost is lower than that of ternary.

For cathode material companies, the new phosphate-based cathode will be a new growth point. According to the statistics of the starting point lithium battery, there are currently more than 25 listed companies in the country that are producing lithium iron phosphate materials, and the planned total production capacity has exceeded 4.4 million tons since 2021.

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