Basic Introduction to EV Battery Pack

Because the development of new energy vehicles is getting better and better, many traditional fuel vehicle brands have also started to produce new energy vehicles. With more types of new energy vehicles, it naturally drives the development of automobile components! Take the EV battery, which is the most important part of the electric car. Do you have any understanding about the battery? Today, let's first introduce the EV battery pack.

The battery pack refers to series and parallel connections. The parallel-connected battery pack requires that the voltage of each battery is the same, and the output voltage is equal to the voltage of a battery. The parallel-connected battery pack can provide stronger current, and the series-connected battery pack has no excessive requirements.

Historical origin of EV battery pack

Today, we think that electricity is brought to us through the wall socket. But in 1800, there was no power grid, and the initial electrical experiments were conducted using battery packs to generate current.

At that time, the first battery pack was made by Italian physicist Alessandro Volta. His compatriot, biologist Luigi Galvani, noticed a strange phenomenon when dissecting a frog. When he touched the legs of the dead animal with some metal, they twitched.

Volta believed that the twitching was caused by electrical current generated by the metal. He began experiments in the late 18th century. He found that he could produce current by causing two pieces of metal, called "electrodes," to undergo chemical reactions with some solutions. He put these components together to make the first battery pack. Volta called his battery pack a "pile" because it was a stack of zinc and copper circular plates separated by weak solutions of salt or acid-soaked pads. When a wire was connected to the circular plate and the bottom circular plate, the current flowed through the wire.

In Galvani's earlier experiments, the frog's body acted like a wet cloth pad, allowing the current to flow. Volta's work has great value for modern physics. All later developments, from electric motors to generators, came from it.

Later, scientists gave him high honors by naming one of the standard electrical units, the unit of electrical potential, after Volta, in recognition of his contributions.

Precautions for using EV battery pack

In the EV battery pack, differences between individual cells always exist. Taking capacity as an example, its difference will never disappear but will gradually deteriorate. When the same current flows through the cell, the larger capacity is always in a small current shallow charge and discharge, the capacity deterioration slows down, the service life extends, and the smaller capacity is always in a large current overcharge and over-discharge, the capacity deterioration accelerates, and the service life is shortened. The performance parameter differences between the two become larger and larger, forming a positive feedback characteristic. The smaller capacity fails in advance, and the service life of the battery pack is shortened.

After reading the introduction of EV battery pack, do you have a certain understanding of this issue? You can learn more about related knowledge, and having more skills will not harm you. Who knows when you will need it in the future? Finally, I hope the above introduction can help you.

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