Lithium Storage Announces Lithium Battery Stock Setup in UK

Lithium Storage announces the setup of safety stock of VDA355 and MEB590 modules in the UK branch for the booming EV market.


Lithium Storage, established in 2011, as one of the earliest enterprises in lithium battery field, already expanding globally, having the operation and distribution center around the world.


With the new year beginning, our office in UK has moved to new place, which also indicates a better turning point. For this move, also it is for future inventory plan and coming lithium battery stocks.



For lithium batteries, there is a broad portfolio with different models and configurations. The preliminary inventory plan from us is focusing on the VDA355 modules and MEB590 modules, which are standard dimension and highest energy density under latest lithium technology, already widely used for the EV conversion, commercial fleets and other special vehicles etc.


The VDA355 modules and MEB590 modules we are supplying are as below models:

VDA355 modules:

NCM 177Ah-1P4S

NCM 114Ah-1P6S

NCM 51Ah-1P12S

LFP 135Ah-1P4S

MEB590 modules:




The first batch of the modules are on the road to the UK office for the inventory. Afterwards, other batches of modules will be transferred to fulfill the current inventory.


As the zero emission already a trend, with the booming EV market, whether the product quality, the logistics service is also a key point to better satisfy customers demands. With the local stock setup, it greatly shorten the delivery time and realize a fast delivery at most few days.



With the UK stock center foundation, it not only serves local customers, also for customers in EU region, they can also receive the products in a pretty short time. Otherwise, for customers, they would like to have a try for the first time with sample quantity, it will be much more convenient.


By setting up the battery stock in overseas, we are contributing to a comprehensive solutions. As the world pivots towards cleaner energy solutions, Lithium Storage is at the forefront, providing the tools necessary to power progress responsibly.

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