Wending Technology-Pioneering the Lithium Battery Innovation

Elevate your expectations as we introduce breakthrough technology with Wending battery, which is setting the new standards in safety, longevity, efficiency, and cost-effective scalability.

Our cell partner, on its march to the new era of the energy, launched the Wending battery.

In the Wending cell series, not only LFP158Ah and NCM200Ah reshaping the NEV milage, also LFP320Ah and LFP340Ah with the super capacity for the sustainable energy storage.

What's the ‘Wending’ battery?

The core part of the "Wending" battery is actually the increase in volumetric energy density by design optimization.

The Structural optimization empower ‘Wending’:

The "Wending" battery shortens the length of the tab, changes its connection method with the adapter piece, and adopts integrated Wending technology to realize the integrated connection of the internal structure of the battery cell, reducing the original top space, which effectively increasing the space utilization rate. From the perspective of the internal structure, the top of the battery cell is very close to the bottom of the cover, which is one of the reasons why ‘Wending’ named.


High-energy density redefined through ‘Wending’:

The "Wending" battery by optimizing the internal space utilization, the capacity of the original cell is increased to higher capacity with same dimension. The volumetric energy density realized a increase at least 10%, which is a huge improvement and innovation.

High safety and low cost features ‘Wending': 

In addition to the long battery life brought about by the increase in energy density, the Wending battery has a tighter structure, which improves the performance of the battery against shock and shock and improves safety. In terms of cost, this technology will save more than 5% in raw materials and cost control.

Our lithium battery solutions encompass the latest technologies, including high-energy cells, safety fortifications, longevity, high power, efficiency, cost-effective scalability, and sustainable practices. Embrace a future of limitless possibilities with the leading name in lithium battery excellence.

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