Lithium Storage Made a New Appearance at the Battery Cells & System Expo 2024 in Birmingham

Birmingham, May 15th, 2024 – Lithium Storage, a pioneering force in the realm of lithium battery technology, made a triumphant presence at The Battery Cells & System Expo 2024 in Birmingham. Renowned as a leading provider of lithium battery solutions, Lithium Storage is leveraging the expo as a platform to unveil its latest innovations tailored for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems (ESS).

With a rich portfolio encompassing prismatic lithium cells ranging from 50Ah to 320Ah, along with battery modules including standard VDA355modules& banding custom modules and packs meticulously designed for EV and ESS applications, Lithium Storage stands at the forefront of the industry's evolution. Boasting a steadfast commitment to advancing lithium-powered solutions under the latest technology, the company's participation in the expo underscores its dedication to driving progress and innovation in clean energy.


At the exhibition, our booth has been abuzz with activity as customers from all corners of the industry stop by to explore what we are offering. From seasoned professionals to curious newcomers, it's been a pleasure engaging with each and every visitor and discussing how our lithium battery solutions can meet their unique needs.



The Battery Cells & System Expo 2024 proved to be an ideal platform for participants to engage with industry stakeholders, foster collaboration, and chart the course for a greener, more sustainable future.


As the demand for clean energy solutions continues to surge, Lithium Storage remains steadfast in its mission to deliver best-in-class lithium battery solutions and continues to push the boundaries of innovation and reliability in the industry towards a sustainable energy future

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