Can Forklift Lithium Batteries Be Used As Starter Batteries for Vehicles?

, Forklift lithium batteries can not only be used as starting batteries for cars, but also have many advantages.

Most of the general car starting batteries are dominated by lead-acid batteries. Good car starting lithium batteries can still be used for two or three years with lead-acid batteries, while poor ones can barely last a year and break down. Moreover, the most serious concern is that the lead-acid materials contained within can cause serious pollution to human health and the environment. Therefore, the use of this type of battery is strictly regulated in advanced European and American countries.

Advantages of forklift lithium batteries

The lithium-ion forklift battery not only has no pollution problem but also has the following advantages that lead-acid batteries lack.

Convenient to use

  • Does not need water and requires minimal charging before use.

  • Made of high-end materials, does not catch fire, does not explode, and does not leak liquid.

  • Intelligent switch design. Before installation, turn off the power to prevent short circuits during the installation process.

  • The shell is made of ABS material, which ensures regular operation in high and low-temperature environments, and the shell design is waterproof.


Using this battery in a gasoline-powered car can save more than 5% of fuel. As the capacity of lead-acid batteries decreases, the voltage decreases, but the voltage of lithium-iron batteries is very stable. Therefore, the ignition system of the car can always maintain a higher and more stable voltage, the spark plug ignition always maintains the best condition, allowing the gasoline in each cylinder of the car to burn completely during high-speed operation, and the car's horsepower increases, which of course also helps save fuel.

Long service life

Lithium iron batteries will not aged easily. After repeated charging and discharging for 2,000 times, the attenuation rate of its capacity is only 15%. That is to say, if used under normal conditions, there is no problem using it for 10 years. The number of charging and discharging cycles for ordinary lead-acid batteries is about 300 times.

Replacement method of electric forklift lithium battery

  • Prepare the raw materials, including stainless steel plate battery box, lithium batteries for electric vehicle assembly, and the lithium batteries must be power batteries for electric vehicles.

  • String 20 lithium batteries into one string, a total of 8 strings.

  • Connect the 8 strings of lithium batteries in series and use a barrier and tape as an insulation layer.

  • Secure with tape, and weld the maintenance line in series.

  • Wrap the insulation layer of the lithium battery with heat-shrinkable film, connect the maintenance board, and prepare the insulation layer to avoid short circuit faults.

  • The hazard of short circuit faults for lithium batteries is great. After the heat-shrinkable film covers the lithium battery, the lithium battery can be assembled into the electric vehicle, ready for use.

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