Application and Advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries in the Communications Industry

Due to the high reliability requirements of communication, a perfect communication power supply solution requires a switch power supply system with a high reliable and safe battery. However, lead-acid batteries have a shorter lifespan, require frequent maintenance, and their performance is far less stable in extreme outdoor environments compared to lithium iron phosphate batteries. Although more expensive, given their importance to the communication industry, the cost is completely justified, and we expect that in the future, lithium iron phosphate power battery packs will become the main power supply configuration for many types of communication equipment and accessories.

Types of applications for power lithium iron phosphate battery packs in the communication industry

  • Outdoor base stations;

  • Village stations and other air-conditioning-free base stations;

  • Indoor macro base stations with limited space;

  • Indoor coverage/distributed power source stations with direct current power supply;

  • Solar photovoltaic base stations without mains power or in areas with third or fourth category mains power;

  • WLAN sites with direct current power supply scheme.

The three major advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries applied in the communication industry

For the communication industry, the three main advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries are mainly reflected in the energy-saving, land-saving, and material-saving aspects, reducing emissions from an environmental perspective.

Small size and lightweight

For stations in residential buildings, it can save the cost of load-bearing reinforcements, further accelerating the construction of stations, and the "material-saving" advantage is more apparent.

Excellent high-temperature performance

Outstanding high-temperature resistance can double the lifespan of outdoor station batteries, reduce the cost of battery maintenance and replacement, and provide system reliability. In addition, in air-conditioned base stations, the air-conditioning can be set to start at 35℃, which effectively reduces the average power consumption of the base station and makes the "energy-saving" advantage even more significant.

High-power discharge

Lithium iron phosphate batteries can still discharge more than 90% of their full capacity above 3C, and the advantages of high power and deep discharge can effectively reduce the total capacity of current UPS standby batteries and solve problems such as excessive demand for machine room space and load-bearing capacity when the capacity is reduced, making the "land-saving" advantage more apparent.

Lithium iron phosphate battery packs are a new thing in the mobile communication industry, but they have received unanimous recognition from all kinds of experts and scholars in the product trial verification process. Although some problems have been discovered, they have also been well solved. We believe that the application technology of this new type of battery in the communication industry will become more mature. With the strong support and promotion of the government, lithium iron phosphate batteries will be more widely used.

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