Why Are Ternary Lithium Batteries More Suitable For Household Electric Vehicles?

1. Better low temperature discharge performance

Relative 25°C capacity refers to the ratio of the discharge capacity under different temperature conditions to the discharge capacity at 25°C. This value can accurately reflect the attenuation of battery life under different temperature conditions. The closer it is to 100%, the better the battery performance.

Taking 25°C as the standard room temperature, the discharge capacity of the ternary lithium battery and the lithium iron phosphate battery is almost the same when discharged at a high temperature of 55°C and at a normal temperature of 25°C. However, at minus 20 ℃, the ternary lithium battery has obvious advantages compared with the lithium iron phosphate battery.

2. Higher energy density

Unlike bulky electric buses, for household electric vehicles, space always comes first. The ternary lithium battery with high energy density not only solves the weight problem, but also saves space for family cars.

3. Higher charging efficiency

In addition to battery life, charging is also an important link in the actual use of electric vehicles, and ternary lithium batteries have great advantages in charging efficiency.

4. The cycle life can be assured

For family cars, the rated cycle life of ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate power batteries far exceeds the usage habits of actual users, so they can be completely assured in terms of service life.

5. Sufficiently safe materials and processes

The most harmful part of the traditional internal combustion engine vehicle is the fuel with huge energy. Once the liquid fuel with low flash point and easy to explode like gasoline leaks, it is very easy to cause great safety hazards. The power batteries of new energy vehicles are monitored by a complete battery management system (BMS), so that each battery can be controlled most accurately to prevent accidents.

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