The New Battery Law of the European Union Officially Takes Effect.

The global lithium-ion power battery industry is about to undergo major changes

On August 17, the European Union's "New Battery Law", whose public notice period expired on August 20, officially came into effect. Not only will the local European market be significantly affected, as a stronghold of the electrification wave, the battery industry chain exported to the EU will also face new green barriers.

According to the relevant information, the "New Battery Law" requires that lithium-ion power batteries and industrial batteries sold in the European region must have carbon footprint declarations as well as corresponding labels and digital battery passports.

The "New Battery Law" introduces the concept of battery labels and battery passports, and it mentions that by 2026, most lithium-ion power batteries entering Europe must have a battery passport. The information on the battery passport involves battery manufacturers, carbon footprint, supply chain due diligence, battery materials and components, compliance certification, cycle performance, resource efficiency, durability, etc.

The "New Battery Law" also imposes requirements on the recycling ratios of important battery raw materials.

Among them, the "New Battery Law" requires that 8 years after it takes effect, the production process of new lithium-ion power batteries sold in Europe must use at least 16%, 85%, 6%, and 6% of cobalt, lead, lithium, nickel, and other metal materials for recycling. In addition, 13 years after the regulations take effect, the material recycling ratios of cobalt, lead, lithium, and nickel must reach 26%, 85%, 12%, and 15%, respectively.

Impact of the EU's new law on China lithium battery manufacturer

From the perspective of domestic lithium battery industry, relevant data show that in 2022, China's lithium-ion power battery market share in Europe reached 34%. Furthermore, the European automotive industry chain is intertwined with the domestic battery industry chain, including a series of car companies such as BYD, Leapmotor, Xiaopeng, Geely, etc. entering the European market in the form of complete vehicles, and leading traditional car companies such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW partnering closely with domestic vehicle and battery manufacturers.

With the formal implementation of the EU's "New Battery Law", the carbon footprint full-process management it shapes will also have an initial impact on domestic power batteries and new energy vehicle manufacturers.

In the field of battery recycling, it will also directly drive the accelerated construction of the domestic battery recycling system.

Whether it is the battery passport or the recycling ratio requirements for battery manufacturing materials, the EU's "New Battery Law" brings a zero-carbon transformation revolution to the entire battery industry chain. This is also a green upgrade of the battery manufacturing industry in the context of the climate and energy challenges.

Since the beginning of the year, domestic power battery companies have mentioned the issue of zero-carbon transformation in the industry multiple times.

Now, with the formal implementation of the EU's "New Battery Law", it is a test for China's lithium battery industry, and it is also an opportunity to seize the commanding heights of the global energy industry chain.

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