Lithium-ion Cells Grade A VS Grade B

There are a lot of discussions about grade A and grade B when we start having a connection with new users of lithium-ion batteries. We found this is confusing the clients from the price and quality perspective. Lithium Storage as a professional lithium battery manufacturer in China, we would like to share some basic knowledge about how to distinguish grade A and grade B as the reference.

Grade A and Grade B classification

Grade A batteries are considered to be of the highest quality, meeting all of the lithium-ion battery suppliers' standards for appearance, raw materials, parameters, and production quality control points. These batteries are expected to have a long cycle life and are considered safe for use.

On the other hand, Grade B batteries are those that have some issues in terms of appearance, raw materials, parameters, or production quality control points. These issues may affect the battery’s cycle life and could potentially pose safety concerns. Despite these issues, Grade B batteries are still functional, but they may not perform as well or last as long as Grade A batteries.

In general, Grade A batteries are more expensive than Grade B batteries due to their higher quality. However, Grade B batteries can be a more affordable option for those who are willing to accept a lower level of performance and potential safety risks.

Key points to distinguish of grade A and grade B


Grade A

Grade B


With QR code

Generally, the QR code is removed. It is possible to with QR code depending on management of battery manufactures.

Testing report

Have a sorting process according to internal resistance, voltage and capacity, this can ensure high consistency on group level and total batch level.

Generally, without sorting process, without battery parameters data. The batteries' consistency is not good even very bad in one batch.


Battery manufacturers

will offer warranty

Battery manufacturer

will not offer warranty

Notice: the above information is summarized based on our experience.

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