Lead-Acid Battery and Lithium Battery for Forklift, Which is Better?

The development of electric forklift lithium ion battery is now mainly divided into two categories, one is lithium battery and the other is lead-acid battery. So, is it better to choose a lithium battery or a lead-acid battery for an electric forklift? I believe many friends have this question. Now Lithium Storage will make a brief comparation to see which one is better. Wholesale lithium ion forklift battery from one of the the forklift lithium battery manufacturers in China.


Discharge Performance of Forklift Battery Lithium Ion And Forklift Lead-Acid Battery

In terms of discharge performance, on the one hand, forklift lithium batteries are much larger than forklift batteries in terms of high-current discharge, and can continuously discharge at a rate of 35C, providing more powerful power and can lift heavier goods; on the other hand, In terms of charging, forklift lithium batteries provide a fast charging rate of 3C to 5C, which is much faster than forklift lead-acid batteries, saving a lot of charging time and greatly improving working time and efficiency.


Cycle Life of Lithium Battery for Forklift and Forklift Lead-Acid Battery

I believe everyone knows that many people on the Internet say that the life of lithium batteries is 300 to 500 cycle life, which is even shorter than lead-acid batteries. Isn’t this wrong? In fact, what we call forklift lithium batteries now refers to Lithium iron phosphate batteries are not the general lithium batteries commonly used in 3C electronic products. The theoretical service life of lithium iron phosphate batteries is more than 2,000 cycles, which is much longer than that of lead-acid batteries.


Environmental Friendliness of Electric Forklift Lithium Ion Battery and Forklift Lead-Acid Battery

The raw materials used in electric forklift lithium ion battery are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and are relatively low-cost in terms of recycling and recycling. The raw materials used in forklift lead-acid batteries contain lead, which is very harmful to environmental pollution and is very harmful to animals and people. Therefore, now that the country advocates green and environmentally friendly development, it is an inevitable trend for lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries.


Installation, Replacement And Maintenance of Lithium Forklift Battery and Forklift Lead-Acid Battery

With the same capacity and discharge requirements, forklift lithium batteries are lighter and smaller. It is much more convenient to replace the forklift battery than the bulky forklift lead-acid battery, saving time and improving work efficiency.


Safety Performance Of Lithium Ion Forklift Battery and Forklift Lead-Acid Battery

This is mainly from the perspective of battery cell consistency and energy density. The energy density of forklift lithium batteries is relatively much larger, and the current technology is relatively poor. Therefore, it is difficult to place the cells in the production of lithium battery cells. If the capacity, internal resistance, and voltage are consistent, there will be certain errors. Lead-acid batteries are relatively better in this regard, so their safety performance is relatively better.


Forklift Lithium Battery Price and Forklift Lead-Acid Battery Price

Forklift lithium batteries are more expensive than forklift batteries in terms of raw material costs and manufacturing process costs. Therefore, forklift lithium batteries are more expensive than forklift batteries on the market. However, because forklift lithium batteries greatly improve the working efficiency of forklifts, they can make up for this price difference well.


After comparing the above major aspects, I believe everyone already has a certain understanding of whether the forklift battery is better, lithium battery or lead-acid battery. As for how to choose, consumers need to choose according to the actual situation. Custom 80V forklift battery, 48 volt lithium ion forklift battery, 36V forklift battery, 24 volt forklift battery for sale from one of the leading lithium forklift battery companies in China now!

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