What Are Special Lithium Batteries?

Uses and characteristics of military special vehicles. In recent years, with the continuous progress of technology, ordinary lithium batteries can no longer meet people's needs, especially in some special fields, special lithium batteries must be used. Currently, with the development of high technology and the changes in international policy and economic situation, the equipment of military vehicles on the battlefield is also changing. In order to better understand and develop military special vehicles, we must understand their uses and characteristics.

What are special lithium batteries?

Nowadays, the demand for batteries is increasing, and the requirements are getting higher, and the types of batteries are also various. Special low-temperature lithium batteries have a temperature requirement, mainly for the low-temperature environment below minus 40°C, requiring the battery to reach more than 80% of the rated capacity at 0.2C discharge. The main feature is that the capacity under low temperature conditions should be sufficient to allow normal operation.

Special lithium batteries refer to batteries that are rarely circulated in the market and are difficult to buy off the shelf. There are several types of special batteries: non-standard size, non-standard voltage, non-standard materials, and special applications (military radio, radar, ships, aerospace, etc.). Compared with civilian lithium batteries, the advantages of special lithium batteries are wider working temperature range, higher low-temperature discharge rate, faster charging speed, and better explosion-proof function.

In general, special lithium batteries can be used in wireless communication, unmanned aerial vehicles, individual soldiers' backpacks, radar arrays, military aircraft, solar energy storage power, base station storage power, emergency rescue and disaster relief power sources, cold-proof shoe power sources, etc. The power of special lithium batteries can be further divided into: shore power, security power, high-voltage power, medical power, aerospace power, laser power, and other special power sources.

Advantages of lithium batteries in military special vehicles

Special vehicles are vehicles that are equipped with special and professional equipment after modification on the basis of normal cars. Military special vehicles refer to various special vehicles for military transportation and logistics, which are specially designed or modified using military vehicles and military vehicle series to install weapons technology equipment, logistics support equipment, and transport personnel and military materials.

Lithium batteries can be quickly charged randomly, especially in the events of war and emergencies, they show excellent performance indicators and low maintenance rates. In the upcoming wars, there is no need to maintain all the protections and reduce the burden of logistics management. In addition, it has high safety performance, wide working temperature range, and other advantages. In the future, special lithium batteries will have broader development prospects.

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