Wall Mounted 48V Home Battery Energy Storage System

  • Multi-level energy management,longer cycle life

  • One-button switch machine,more convenient operation

  • Modular, ultra-thin wall hanging design, convenient installation

  • Multiple parallel support, high current charge and discharge

  • High BMS compatibility, perfect match of energy storage inverter

  • The adoption of high-performance processors, international brand devices and better stability  

battery for home solar system

Technical Datas of Wall Mounted 48V Home Battery Energy Storage System

Battery TypeLiFePO4
Rated Capacity100Ah
Battery Cell3.2V 100Ah Prismatic Battery Cell
Discharge Cut-off Protection Voltage40V
Charge Cut-off Protection Voltage58.4V
Max. Charge Current100A
Max. Discharge Current100A
Communication PortCAN,Rs485
Compatible Inverter BrandSMA, Growatt, Solax, Solis,DEYE, Sungrow, Sofar, Voltronic, Sorotec, Studer etc.
ParallelMax. 63 units in parallels to get 322.5Wh
Cycle Life100% DOD 3000times
Net Weight(KG)58KG
CoolingNatural Cooling
Mounting OptionFloor or Wall Mount
Discharge Temperature(℃)-10℃~+60℃
Charge Temperature(℃)0℃~+45℃
Storage ConditionUp to 95%RH,No-condensing State of Energy(SoE): 25% initial
Maximum Elevation3000m(9843ft)

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